Aquadog Vitaldrink for dogs is nutrient supplement to food with special formula of mineral water with low volume of sodium suitable for dogs, natural biological extracts from fungi to stimulate the immune system and lamb aroma for better taste.

Aquadog bottle


  • stimulates the immune system
  • supports balance of dog’s organism
  • increases the protective capacity of your dog’s resistance against illnesses (especially bacterial and viral infections)
  • shortens the duration of an illness if contracted
  • improves the quality of your dog’s hair and skin
  • helps to prevent arthrosis problems and dental carries
  • improves digesting and metabolism,
  • speeds up and improves healing of wounds
  • has anti-allergic effect, neutralises acid environment in the dog’s organism
  • supports healthy function of cells, muscles and nerve stirs transmission
  • decreases level of cholesterol
  • supports hormonal balance
  • fights with free radicals
  • poses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity
  • promotes general good health of your dog
  • increases the intake of liquids for canines that reflects in proper functioning of your dog’s kidney


Aquadog does not have a minimum or maximum daily dosage. It can be offered as part of the dog’s normal drinking regime throughout the day. The recommended dosages are only approximate guidelines. Less fluid intake than recommended does not reduce the effect of the active polysaccharides on the dog’s body. The most important recommendation is to use Aquadog regularly and long-term. Aquadog is not a meal replacement; it is a nutritional supplement for dogs. Can be administered during pregnancy and lactation.

Contains no added sugar, wheat, gluten, corn, milk, soy, yeast, starch, or artificial colours.Slight sediment is normal due to the extracts of oyster mushroom in water. The sediments in Aquadog do not reduce the water quality.

Use in the standard way as ordinary drinking water in a bowl or drinking fountain. Adequate daily liquid intake for an animal is 40 – 60 ml / kg of weight.



Aqadog Mineral Water Ltd. was founded in 2014 in the United Kingdom after long-term testing of its products – a special water developed for dogs which strengthens their immune system.

Thanks to the collaboration of academics, veterinarians, and breeders, we are able to offer pet owners and other animal caretakers a product that has been shown to improve the quality of life of your dog.

Aquadog is a veterinary product and has all necessary certificates and clinical trials to demonstrate the positive impact of its active ingredient - organic extracts of oyster mushrooms – on the immune system of dogs.

Aquadog Vitaldrink facts

Supplement Facts. Amount per 1 liter of Aquadog Vitaldrink:

Active polysaccharides (oyster mushrooms) 5 gr
Lamb aroma 08 123 10 mg
Free Calcium 43.20 mg
Magnesium Ion 25.0 mg
Sodium Ion 0.86 mg
Tetranitrogen 0.06 mg
Sulphate Ion 20.20 mg
Nitrate 7.6 mg
Chlorine 3.50 mg
Nitrite Less or equals 0.01 mg
Other ingredients benzoic acid 130 mg

Aquadog Vitaldrink is a nutrient and flavor enhanced spring water containing bioactive polysaccharides (BAP) of natural origin obtained from Pleurotus ostreatus. It is a dietary supplement intended for long-term use. The active ingredient stimulating the dog’s immune system is formed by beta (1.3/1.6) D-glucan, which functions as an immunomodulator and activates the immune mechanisms of the animal.

Aquadog Vitaldrink description for veterinaries

Food supplement for animals
0,5 liter packed in a protective atmosphere
An extract of Pleurotus ostreatus min. 5gr/l, Aroma 08 123 max. 10 mg/l, E benzoic acid, 130 mg/l
Cations mg/l :•CA2+: 43.20 • Mg2+: 25.00 • Na+ : 0.86 • N4 + : 0.06; Anions mg/l : • SO42- : 20.20 • NO3 - : 7.6 • Cl- : 3.50 • NO2 - : ≤ 0.01
A food supplement for long-term use. Sensorially modified drinking water for veterinary use containing bioactive polysaccharides (BAP) of natural origin obtained from Pleurotus ostreatus. The active ingredient stimulating the immune system is formed by beta (1.3 /1.6) D glucan, which functions as an immunomodulator and activates the immunity mechanisms of the animal. One of benefits of Aquadog mineral water is the variability of the sensorial modification, which allows owners to choose from the available flavours according to the animal’s individual needs.
Due to the low doses of BAP, Aquadog Vitaldrink is a food supplement that positively stimulates the immune system and vitality of animals. The formula can be used to protect organisms against infections. It is also recommended for those experiencing increased physical load, stress, or overall fatigue. Thanks to the sensorially modified qualities, the water increases liquid intake, thus ensuring optimum hydration even in extreme climatic conditions. The balanced mineral composition contributes to the stability of the animal’s internal environment. The formula can have an adjunctive effect on the treatment of oncological diseases, is particularly suitable for older animals, reduces the length of recovery, and ameliorates the course of diseases.
Do not administer to animals using immunosuppressive drugs. Sensitivity to the contained preservative.
Based on existing clinical studies and observations of the active substance, no side effects have been found on animals. The active ingredients in the formula are present at levels that can be considered safe for long-term use.
Use in the standard way as ordinary drinking water in a bowl or drinking fountain. Adequate liquid intake for an animal is 40-60 ml/kg/day. To optimize the effects, long-term administration of the formula (at least 2-3 months) is recommended. Exceeding the daily dose does not pose a health risk.
Shake before use; properly close after opening and each use. Protect from freezing, store out of direct sunlight, and keep out of reach of children.
Upon oral administration, bioactive polysaccharides in oyster mushrooms activate immunocompetent cells in Peyer's patches. Activated cells travel through the intestine wall into the circulation and are captured by target tissues, where they undergo differentiation and proliferation. Beta-glucans trigger a variety of parallel mechanisms and their effect on the immune system is complex. They primarily activate non-specific immunity. A major role is played by the dectin-1 receptor, the complement receptor CR3, and the TLR-2/6 receptor, which trigger a cascade of reactions that activate macrophages, neutrophils, monocytes, NK cells (natural killers), and dendritic cells. The key role is played mainly by the interaction with dendritic cells, which represent a significant population of the antigen-presenting cells. Dermal keratinocytes and fibroblasts also contain sites capable of binding the polysaccharide. This active agent molecule causes a functional modulation of these cells and benefits the healing of ulcers and wounds. The immunomodulatory effect of beta-glucans has a considerable impact on the alignment of Th1/Th2 lymphocytes in a way that promotes the Th1 immune response; such mechanisms present the anti-allergic effect of the active ingredient in Aquadog.