Spring water of the highest quality

Unique natural spring crystal clear water plays an essential part in Aquadog®’s composition. Our top quality water is sourced from the Carpathian mountains in the hearth of Europe contains an optimal natural mineral content, with a balanced mix of minerals, suitable levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium and low levels of sodium and salt. Aquadog does not contain chlorine and is not chemically treated.

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The secret of BAP®-8 bioactive polysaccharides

BAP®-8 is a unique natural substance, a complex of biologically active polysaccharides. The key source ingredient for obtaining the BAP®-8 substance is Pleurotus ostreatus, commonly known as the oyster mushroom. The oyster mushroom contains various beneficial substances and one of the most active glucans, the Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan. It occurs abundantly in the mushroom extract and is proven to have a strong biological effect.

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Main benefits of Aquadog®

Aquadog has long-term positive effects on your dog

Aquadog® Vitaldrink enhances immunity and vitality of dogs and has an anti-allergic effect. Molecules of the BAP®-8 active substance are able to activate various types of cells such as skin cells (keratinocytes) and connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) therefore significantly reducing healing time of ulcers and wounds. Thanks to faster healing it also eliminates secondary infection after injury or surgery. We recommend using Aquadog® during increased physical load, stress and overall fatigue.

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Boosts dog’s immune system and vitality

Significantly improves your dog’s immune system and overall vitality.

Neutralizes harmful microorganisms

Neutralizes harmful microorganisms and foreign substances.

Natural ingredients and mountain spring water

Our water is sourced from a crystal-clear spring in Slovakia’s mountains.

Aquadog is suitable for all kinds of dogs

Ideal for pets, working dogs, show dogs and top canine athletes as well.

Supports overall health and fitness Improves vitality and energy levels Stimulates the immune system Enhances disease resistance and shortens disease recovery time Speeds up the healing of wounds Improves the quality of skin and coat Supports healthy bone and teeth structure Contributes to proper muscle and nerve function Prevents free radical damage and fights oxidative stress and fatigue Supports proper digestion and metabolism Helps alleviate allergies and inflammation Assists adequate hydration and promotes healthy kidneys Accelerates specific antibody production after vaccination

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How does Aquadog work?

What dog owners say about Aquadog?

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback had several patchy areas on his entire back and sides and was suffering from hair loss. After a week of regular and intensive use of Aquadog® Vitaldrink, his hair started to grow back in these areas. Today, his coat is perfect again. We’ve been using Aquadog® for almost months now.
Joakim Sweden
My Great Dane had a rash around his mouth and chin caused by wrong dog food. He was given hypoallergenic dog food and the problems disappeared. After eating regular dog food again the rash reappeared, but when he was given Aquadog® he was cured completely, despite eating his regular food.
Richard Sweden
Our Cocker Spaniel is usually tired after hunting in the afternoon, but when we gave him Aquadog®, he had at least 50% more energy. I also gave him Aquadog® the day before we went hunting and later during the hunt. His endurance and vitality were exceptional.
Joe Slovakia

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